Monthly Archives: March 2014

Luncheon with the Firefighters // March 30, 2014

For our second community luncheon, firemen from the nearby fire station, hall attendants, residential colleges office staff, and our friendly security guards joined us for a great lunch that served as a way for us to show our appreciation for their hard work. The guests were again entertained by student and resident tutor volunteers’ performances […]

Stay Healthy Stay Fit Yoga Series

Due to popular demand, our College engaged a qualified and experienced yoga instructor to conduct six weekly classes for our residents. The participants were corrected of bad postures and learned how stretch and breathe properly. We now slouch no more and can bend it like Beckham! (almost)

Meditation Series: Relaxed Mind and Body

Taught by our very own tutor, Ven. Jue Tao, the first three meditation classes in the RC focused on the methods of mind and body relaxation. The participants then graduated to a walking meditation on a beach at Lamma Island.  In a city that never stops, this series of meditation ensure that our residents take […]