Woodwork Classes @ Chi Sun

Chi Sun has an unique tradition of serving people near and far. This year Chi Sun College continues to offer woodwork classes to prepare student volunteers for their overseas service trips.With the support of our mighty tutor, Derrick, a PhD engineering candidate and our partner organisation, Wu Zhi Qiao (http://www.bridgetochina.org.hk/about-us/what-is-wzq/), Chi Sun College continues to organise workshops to teach student volunteers to build water filters, latrines, chicken coops, and other facilities to improve the living of people in different part of the world. The workshop in June was offered to the student group, Better Health, Better Lives, Better Future. The group will go to Cambodia in summer to help the local village to build latrines and water filters in their school. The group will also work with the local villagers to build chicken coop to improve their livelihood.

The next second workshop will be held in August with Wu Zhi Qiao. The workshop will focus on the construction of latrines using various local material. The objection is to help student volunteers to familiarise with materials commonly found in rural areas and to encourage creative use of such material.

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