New Lobby, New Face

It is our pleasure to announce the commencement of renovation works of the lobby, which starts today and is expected to finish in two months.

The redesigned lobby will become the new face of Chi Sun College, which carries the vision of providing a platform conducive of creativity, ideation, collaboration and intellectual exchange.  We believe that the College community should be much stronger and more vibrant than the sum of its individuals.  One of the keys to cultivate this is to have ample public space that is accessible, appealing and comfortable.  The lobby, given its convenient location, is the obvious choice to serve this very purpose.

The basic idea of the plans is to demolish the original master’s office to make space for the lobby.  The design concept is then to transform this larger space into a platform for exchange and an incubator of ideas.  As you can see from the artist’s impression of the future lobby, the seating, chalkboards and all devote themselves towards the fundamental concept.


You might want to know that the new lobby, when it is finished, will not serve only as a static space.  It has been designed to also accommodate salons, book clubs and other talks and events – the first of which, as we are pleased to announce, would be a sharing session from the designer of the lobby itself, Otto Ng.  Otto, a HKU / MIT alumnus and distinguished architect, is the Design Director at LAAB.  Otto was named one of the “40 under 40 Design Talents” by Perspective Magazine in 2013.  Details of the talk will be announced later.

As much as we are thrilled at the exciting prospects that this project brings, we are well aware of the inconvenience that the works might cause.  We expect the noisiest work to be completed within the week, however you might receive further notice regarding suspension of electricity and / or disruption of elevator services during the renovation period.  We will try our best to minimize any inconvenience caused.

We wish you an enjoyable remainder of the Summer break, and a delightful start of school in September.