Welcome Message from the Master 14-15

Fellow ChiSuners,

Welcome to the College. 

Whether you are new to this young and vibrant family, or a returning contributor to what we have become so far, I am absolutely thrilled by the prospect of what you may experience and contribute as we start our third academic year.

I cannot overstate the palpable excitement I and the tutorial team feel at this stage of the College’s development. We have survived infancy through successfully establishing the College Committee student governance structure, the High Table tradition, the novel young speaker series, and many and myriad community outreach programmes, and so on. In this next stage of having become a toddler, our vision and direction continue to be shaped by each and every one of our residents, starting with you.

The College aims to provide a vibrant scholarly environment conducive to intellectual exchange, and to become an incubator for creative and innovative ideas. The repurposing works currently being carried out in the lobby is symbolic of our commitment towards providing the best environs for such; although I should wish to stress that we cannot succeed without every one’s collective input and participation. Therefore I would encourage you to reach out, have fun, dream big, and make the most of your time here. You will grow in ways you may never have imagined, and so will the College!

Have a great 2014-5 and see you around!

Professor Gabriel M Leung
Chi Sun College