Why MY research is MORE interesting than YOURS! | Sep 23

Indeed, knowledge increases by sharing and not by saving.

Of a variety of topics – Typhoon, Atomic Cooling, HIV, The Tale of ‘Shit’!, High-Speed Microscope…. Five brilliant minds from Chi Sun College faced off in an epic battle last Tuesday (23rd September 2014) to determine whose research is the most interesting. It was a great and fun way to be inspired by some of the coolest research being done in HKU. And we brought things up the notch by giving them a SECRET CHALLENGER, our very own tutor, Taihua! 

They only had 5 minutes to impress and YOU, the audience, voted that Antony Wong’s man-made telescope was just too unforgettable. Rightly so, he spent years shaping the lens of his telescope! Our fellow presenters were such an inspiration…and for their votes, we saw a ‘rain’ of paper balls all in good and eager fun! 

Do YOU want to be the next challenger for the “I’ve Got Balls” Award?