Emergence – Chi Sun College Inauguration

Dear Students, 

Before you start wondering what this fabulous logo means, we’d like you to think for a moment what you’re going to do over the winter break. If you are going back to your hometown, we’d like you to start thinking about what pieces of your culture you can bring back to the College after the break. It could be your national costume, secret recipes, authentic spices, traditional decors, exotic musical instruments and so on.

Why? Read on.

We are very pleased to present the theme of “Emergence” for a series of inaugural events that will take place in the near future, culminating in an Inauguration Ceremony that will be held on February 7 2015. The inauguration is itself a historical event to officiate the establishment of Chi Sun College. “Emergence” represents our continued efforts in community engagement – that we are intellectuals that contribute and “emerge” from our budding state to influence society.

And we are asking for YOUR involvement!

“CuiSine Kulture”

This creative initiative will see our students partner with local restaurants, and fuse diverse cultural elements with those of Kennedy Town. Everybody is encouraged to come up with novel ideas of what you want to do – curry-flavoured egg tarts would be an exciting prospect, for example. This is where your recipes and spices will shine!

Finished products will then be distributed and shared with our “guy fong” (Cantonese for neighbours). It will give us a golden opportunity to get to know our neighbourhood, interact with the young and the elderly, and get an insider look at local businesses – all the while having lots of fun.

“connectED” – Cultivating Openness; Nurturing New Experiences and Citizenship; Transforming Education

“connectED” is a fun-day to promote intercultural awareness among local Hong Kong children from low-income families. You will be able to showcase your cultural elements by hosting various workshops. Participating children will be given the chance to experience different cultures, and learn that each one is unique. The goal is that the children will be able to gain exposure to different nationalities, in order to better prepare them for the globalized world that we now live in. The first event will take place on January 31, 2015 and we plan to continue the initiative in every semester in the future.

“Elder Academy”

We, of course, do not forget about the elderly citizens living around us. Chi Sun has a humble tradition of inviting nearby elderlies to our basin meal events. The Elder Academy will reach much further beyond. Students and our Tutorial Team will join hands to organise learning camps, field trips, talks, lab sessions and more for our senior neighbours. Topics will cover everything from history to social issues, to technology and health and hygiene. This is especially meaningful, because due to the civil war and WWII, many of the elderly living in our neighbourhood missed their opportunity for education. The Academy is the College’s effort to try and compensate for that.

Inauguration Ceremony

The launch of these programmes will lead up to the Ceremony itself on February 7, where we will honour our benefactors and supporters. There will be a students’ parade at the luncheon where each College is invited to form a 30-to-50-person parade troupe to showcase their own culture, programme and college life. The ceremony will be followed by an open house of the Village in the afternoon where you can invite family and friends to come.

If you have any idea on how you might contribute to these programs, especially how your unique cultural elements might add to the fun and experience, now is the time to reach out to the Tutorial Team and make it happen!

Get involved now by filling in the form at www.tinyurl.com/cscinauguration to indicate your interests in the various programmes. Details of individual programmes will be announced shortly.

We are very much looking forward to celebrating our Inauguration with all of you. Until then, we wish you a superpass and a great winter break.

Chi Sun College
December 11, 2014