Welcome Message from the Master 15-16


Dear ChiSuners,

Welcome, and welcome back, to the College.

I am greatly encouraged, and at the same time deeply humbled, by the growth we have witnessed in the past three years since the College’s establishment. The College Committee and tutorial team have worked tirelessly and together as one to create an environment of intellectual curiosity, social engagement and superb fun.

This is no time for complacency, however. I ask that all members of Chi Sun, newcomers and returnees alike, to think about and work hard for the College’s future. As I have always said, Chi Sun is a nurturing ground for freely enquiring minds. Freedom takes work and demands responsibility. Enquiry starts with a questioning approach to life and environment. Community means you and me, together, rolling up our sleeves and pitching in to continue building the Chi Sun legacy.

Chi Sun is proud to be home to students and fellows from 30 countries and regions around the world. There is clearly no shortage of talent or diversity of views. Such a cosmopolitan College community presents a huge opportunity for peer-to-peer sharing and mutual learning. The global friendships that you forge will last a lifetime. I trust that you will find your neighbours to be your best teachers, pupils and above all, best mates.

Returning students will of course be familiar with the rich College life that awaits. High Tables, “Stay young, dream big” events, community outreach programmes, research seminars and Met Live broadcasts are but a few highlights. This year we add “Lobby gigs”, where academic, social-political and entrepreneurial themed events will debut amidst games, food and drinks. It is the Chi Sun definition of fun!

Following on from the transformation of the lobby last year, our College’s donor family – the Suens – has generously underwritten the refurbishment of the College Library on the third floor. Building works will take place during term breaks to minimize disruption to the College’s routines.

Chi Sun is to become the first residential hall or college to host a Common Core Course (CCC) during the second semester. The Common Core Course – Mobile Identities: Dwelling, Placemaking and Global Flows (CCGL9044) will deepen students’ understanding of the cultural dynamics of “self” and “other”, and their attention to the intersections between the local and the global.

Finally we will be welcoming our first residential fellows later this semester – Mabel Cheung (張婉婷) and Alex Law (羅啟銳), HKU alumni and award-winning moviemakers. They will no doubt enrich College life immensely. That is all, for now, folks. Have a great year ahead and see you around!

Professor Gabriel M Leung
Chi Sun College