Welcome Message from the Master 16-17

Dear ChiSuners,

Welcome, all of you.

Let me begin by noting that this is a landmark year for Chi Sun College. As we march into our fifth year, it would be fitting to revisit some highlights in our journey so far.

Chi Sun boasts a diverse and international student body. To date, we have become home to students of 59 nationalities, fostering a level of cultural vibrancy few university colleges can rival and being the ideal setting for inter-cultural dialogue and understanding. It is especially pleasing to see how students from different religious and ethnic backgrounds have joined hands to build a harmonious yet diverse environment, demonstrating maturity and mutual respect.

Outwith the College, ChiSuners have benefitted immensely from our frequent exchanges with the surrounding community. The Elder Academy, which offers our senior neighbours an opportunity to keep on learning through their golden years, has reached 300 participants in the past two years. Our online teaching programme, VolunOnline, has allowed our services to reach communities and people in need from farther afield.

Academically, being the core of our raison d’être, we have been exceptionally strong. I am proud to report that 1 in 8 of our students graduated with a first last year. Notwithstanding that success, here at ChiSun, we define greatness not by one’s GPA alone, rather a person’s gestalt development. What is truly remarkable is that our top scorers are often also those who have remained the most proactive in our community, internally serving on the College Committee and outside in their professional and social circles.

It is therefore not difficult to understand why Chi Sun is the most desired residential facility in HKU. For every available place, we have 6.5 applicants – the highest in the University. So take full advantage of your time at Chi Sun and all that the College has to offer.

We remain firmly committed to our mission in nurturing a community of freely enquiring minds. Your Tutorial Team will be expanding the scope and scale of their pastoral duties, giving you all the facilitation possible and empowering you to realize your full potential. At the same time, the eagerly-awaited renovation works for the 3/F learning space will commence towards the end of the year, marking another major step in Chi Sun’s provision of an optimal scholarly built environment. There is much more to look forward to, and I hope that you will share my excitement for the year ahead.

I wish you all good health, and a most enjoyable time here at Chi Sun.

Professor Gabriel M Leung
Chi Sun College

September 2, 2016