Chi Sun Spotlight: Chi Sun Halloween Celebration

Orange-yellowish lights accompanied music in the background, banners saying ‘Happy Halloween!’ hung around the space, and pumpkins, skulls, and vampires decorated the room. This was the Halloween party organised by the student committee of Chi Sun College, which started at 8:30 p.m. in the 4th floor lobby.

While the party lasted for some three hours it took at least six hours of preparation, including two meetings, making purchase orders and setting up the venue. Participants could easily join the event (there was no dress code), but it was a much more difficult task for the organisers. In order to keep the beverages fresh, the organisers had to store them separately in fridges of their respective floors before the event because there was no central fridge in the college. They also had to make orders long before the event so the products could arrive on time, some of which they had to carry to the college themselves because they were not delivered to the door. Let’s not forget the good work of the organisers while enjoying future activities!


Alongside these concrete difficulties, there was an even tougher problem: Halloween fell during the midterm period, when most students have a number of assignments or/and tests with close deadlines. However, according to Yashaswi, a College Committee member, more students attended this year than ever before! All Chi Sun residents were welcome, and some students even seemed to have brought in one or two friends from HKU to join the party.

While some students came to the party dressed up, Halloween costumes were also prepared by the organisers, including masks, robes, hats and broomsticks. With the costumes as well as the face paints, which the organisers furnished, the students took festive photos of themselves and their friends. There were also snacks, including marshmallows, chocolates, biscuits on which partygoers could DIY their own Halloween designs, and even sangria tailor-made by the organisers. As the students enjoyed these refreshments, they also mingled with their friends and newfound acquaintances. Who knows – maybe a new friendship between a witch and clown was sparked that night!

By: Au-Yeung Wai Ching, 1st Year, Bachelor of Arts (Chinese and French)