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Historical Landmark x Creative Ventures: A Tour to PMQ | Sep 20

Organised by Chi Sun College, residents of Jockey Club Student Village III visited the latest creative hub in the city, PMQ, on one fine Saturday afternoon. On the site of a once prestigious school where revolutionaries and tycoons like Dr Sun Yat Sen, Sir Robert Ho Tung and Dr Stanley Ho studied in, an adjacent pair […]

La Bohème – The Met: Live in HD at HKU

The Met Live is back!Chi Sun College is proud to present a magnificent season of The Met: Live in HD screenings at the Jockey Club Student Village III. Jointly organised with the Foundation for Arts and Music in Asia, a number of screenings will take place in our College Hall this year. The shows will be […]

Why MY research is MORE interesting than YOURS? // April 10, 2014

Fish sperm. Dark matter. Artificial intelligence. Abortion. Hong Kong triad. Forgotten rNA. These seem to be random phrases but on 10th April 2014 they were the key to lots of fun in Block B. A roomful of audience was armed with newspaper balls, waiting eagerly to ‘vote’ for their favourite presenters. Six research postgraduate residents […]

Global Studies in Hong Kong: Relevancy & Irrelevancy // Feb 13, 2014

Hong Kong. A single name but a thousand issues and questions.  And who else better than Dr. Simon Shen to share his opinions with us? Dr. Shen is one of the few international relations scholars from Hong Kong who earned both international recognition and local prominence with his scholarship on contemporary anti-Western Chinese nationalism. The […]

Enabling Dreams Building Sand Castles // Nov 16, 2013

How does one build a breathtaking beach resort in literally the middle of nowhere? How does one get electricity to jumpstart everything? Bricks? What about light bulbs that needed to be imported to an island that gets hit by typhoons regularly? Eric Leong, an experienced hotel development executive, shared with the residents how he realized […]

Live What You Love // April 9, 2013

The “Stay Young, Dream Big” Speaker Series presented by the College features prominent young leaders and visionaries. They will come and share with our students on their dreams, passion and inspire us with their life stories. Each time we are going to turn our Function Room into a different space so that you will experience something […]