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Launch of Elder Academy | Jan 20

Chi Sun has a humble tradition of inviting our neighbours to our basin meal events. This semester we are going much further to launch the Chi Sun Elder Academy programme.The EA aims to provide elderly from our neighbourhood both the environment and experience of life-long learning. Our residents can also engage in inter-generation interactions by […]

Trip to Tsz Shan Monastery | Nov 22

Twenty two students and our tutor (Ven. Juetao) had an inspiring trip to Tsz Shan Monastery in Tai Po area on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The monastery impressed all participants with its grand Buddhist buildings, peaceful prospect and the unity of nature and human. This exclusive trip included a guided tour in the Monastery, walking and […]

La Cenerentola – Met Live at HKU | Oct 25

Coming up next in The Met: Live in HD series on October 25 (Sat) is Rossini’s La Cenerentola (Cinderella). This is a variation of the traditional Cinderella story. The wicked stepmother is replaced by a wicked stepfather, Don Magnifico. The Fairy Godmother is replaced by Alidoro, a philosopher and the Prince’s tutor. Cinderella is identified […]

Aberdeen Fishery Cultural Tour | Oct 4

A group of students went down to Aberdeen “Little Hong Kong” for the Fisher folk’s Lifestyle and Culture Guided Tour on Oct 4 (Sat). Organised by the University of Hong Kong and the WAY Project, this tour was all about promoting the fisher folk’s lifestyle and culture in Aberdeen. The tour consisted of a thematic […]

Why MY research is MORE interesting than YOURS! | Sep 23

Indeed, knowledge increases by sharing and not by saving.Of a variety of topics – Typhoon, Atomic Cooling, HIV, The Tale of ‘Shit’!, High-Speed Microscope…. Five brilliant minds from Chi Sun College faced off in an epic battle last Tuesday (23rd September 2014) to determine whose research is the most interesting. It was a great and […]

Basin Meal Luncheon with Elderly | Sep 21

Chi Sun College is committed to the community around us. On Sunday, September 24, our College invited 300 elderly and their friends from Kwun Lung Lau (觀龍樓) and AKA (鄰里心.伙相傳計劃) to a Basin Meal luncheon in the College Hall. 40 students from our College acted as ambassadors to serve our neighbours on the day. Through […]

An Exchange with Stanley Ho East Asia College, University of Macau | Sep 20/ 21

Seven undergraduate students and Resident Fellow Dr Sancia Wan from Stanley Ho East Asia College, University of Macau visited Chi Sun College over the last weekend. Our visitors from Macau joined us in the visit to local art hub – PMQ, and acted as student volunteers to serve our neighbours in the basin meal luncheon. […]

Historical Landmark x Creative Ventures: A Tour to PMQ | Sep 20

Organised by Chi Sun College, residents of Jockey Club Student Village III visited the latest creative hub in the city, PMQ, on one fine Saturday afternoon. On the site of a once prestigious school where revolutionaries and tycoons like Dr Sun Yat Sen, Sir Robert Ho Tung and Dr Stanley Ho studied in, an adjacent pair […]