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Trip to South and North Korea in Reading Week

North Korea, with her military and nuclear programmes featured in international headlines every once in a while, has a history of love-hate relationships with her neighbours China, South Korea, and Japan. Despite the fundamental differences in their economy and political regimes, one should not forget both Koreas share almost the same culture, language and history, and […]

Chi Sun Spotlight: Elder Academy

If you want to see Chi Sun College’s commitment to service and community outreach in action, look no further than Elder Academy, a hallmark programme of the College now set to begin its sixth semester. Elder Academy aims to connect the residents of Chi Sun College with senior citizens living in the surrounding Kennedy Town […]

CSC Outreach – Medical Service at Kwun Lung Lau // Apr 23, 2016

On April 23 2016, our CSC Outreach-ers jointly organized the health-service event, ”錫住你健康諮詢日,“ with Aberdeen Kai Fong Welfare Assn. Ltd. Community Centre, Hong Kong Housing Society and Kwun Lung Lau Residents’ Association. Our 13 student volunteers offered simple health checks (including measurements for Body Mass Index , Blood pressure and Blood sugar), and health counselling […]

Artelier Silver | Nov 28

20 elder friends continued their pursuit for creativity and enjoyed an afternoon of arts and craft with their handcrafted masquerade masks.This session aimed to inspire the elderly to decorate their chosen masks unrestrictedly. With no specific models to follow, they created their own versions of charming masks by utilizing the array of color pencils, paint, […]

Reconnecting with the Wild

Reconnecting with the Wild With 50% of the world’s animal species lost in the last 40 years, and the possibility of all large marine life disappearing by 2050, many of the world’s most iconic animals—including the elephant—are facing a grim future, driven to the edge by man’s insatiable and unsustainable appetite for wildlife products. Esteemed […]

Basin Meal cum Opening Ceremony of Elder Academy | Oct 10

On Oct 10, Chi Sun College invited 250 elderly from Kennedy Town to join our ever famous Basin Meal cum the Opening Ceremony of Chi Sun College Elder Academy. During the event, our volunteers had great fun together with the elderly while enjoying the yummy basin meal. Some of the elderly even showed their secret […]

Elder Academy Graduation Ceremony | April 18

This year saw the launch of the Chi Sun Elder Academy, CSC’s initiative to provide the elderly in our neighbourhood both the environment and experience of life-long learning. The tailor-made general education academy included a launch and 4 courses: language lessons, computer and smartphone exposure, art and meditation. The academy ended the semester with a […]

Launch of Elder Academy | Jan 20

Chi Sun has a humble tradition of inviting our neighbours to our basin meal events. This semester we are going much further to launch the Chi Sun Elder Academy programme.The EA aims to provide elderly from our neighbourhood both the environment and experience of life-long learning. Our residents can also engage in inter-generation interactions by […]

Basin Meal Luncheon with Elderly | Sep 21

Chi Sun College is committed to the community around us. On Sunday, September 24, our College invited 300 elderly and their friends from Kwun Lung Lau (觀龍樓) and AKA (鄰里心.伙相傳計劃) to a Basin Meal luncheon in the College Hall. 40 students from our College acted as ambassadors to serve our neighbours on the day. Through […]

Woodwork Classes @ Chi Sun

Chi Sun has an unique tradition of serving people near and far. This year Chi Sun College continues to offer woodwork classes to prepare student volunteers for their overseas service trips.With the support of our mighty tutor, Derrick, a PhD engineering candidate and our partner organisation, Wu Zhi Qiao (, Chi Sun College continues to organise […]