“When I was a young child, I would sometimes walk through the grounds of The University of Hong Kong and look at the famous and awe-inspiring names on the buildings, names like Ho Tung, Lee Hysan and Swire. I never dreamt that one day my own family’s name would be added to this storied list. I am honoured and delighted that, in our own humble way, we have been able to make a contribution to this venerable institution.” Esther Suen On behalf of the Suen Family

Suen Chi Sun (1929-1997) was a visionary industrialist and a pioneer of the manufacturing sector. Mr Suen founded Simatelex Manufactory Company Limited in 1969, and developed it from a small family business into one of Hong Kong’s leading electric appliances manufacturers serving the global market. Simatelex now employs more than 15,000 staff in five factories across Guangdong province. The Suen family has a long tradition of philanthropy. Through two charitable trusts established by Mr Suen; namely the Suen Chi Sun Charitable Foundation and the Simatelex Charitable Foundation, the Suens continue to support many worthwhile causes, particularly those concerning higher education, medical research, emergency relief, and the arts. The Simatelex Charitable Foundation established the Suen Chi Sun Professorship in Surgery at HKU, and the Suen Chi Sun Charitable Foundation has made donations to various medical research initiatives and scholarship programmes. The eponymous Suen Chi Sun Hall opened in 2005, made possible by a major gift from the Simatelex Charitable Foundation as a lasting tribute to the man who showed a lifelong appreciation of the value of education. The naming of Chi Sun College recognises this latest donation from the Suen family. The College is deeply indebted to the family for their ongoing commitment to and support of student development through residential education.