In 2022, HKU celebrates its 111th anniversary, and recently Chi Sun College has celebrated its 10th anniversary, both very significant milestones. We would like to thank the Suen family again for their munificent donation to make Chi Sun College a reality. In addition, I would like to thank Professor Gabriel Leung for his decade of dedication to Chi Sun College and the residents here. Since the beginning, the enduring mission of Chi Sun College is to be a place to nurture the freely enquiring minds. As the new Master for Chi Sun College, I would like to uphold the same commitment to its residents. Chi Sun will continue to be a beacon of residential education, full of unique learning experiences and youthful energy.

As residents here, you are a community of like-minded scholars sharing common values and purposes; this is all the more valuable, knowing that our residential community comprises of over 400 undergraduate and postgraduate students hailing from diverse nationalities and faculties. This year, we are very proud to have four Top Athlete Scholars among us, and they are Nicholas Choi, Adrian Yung, Sam Liu and Suki Liu. They have represented our city in sporting competitions around the world, and will surely inspire many of our residents to also pursue passions outside of academics.

Our Advisory Committee and Tutorial Team are also made up of outstanding individuals representing a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. We will continue to work with this group to steer the direction of Chi Sun College.

I look forward to joining this community and to achieving great things together in the years ahead.

Ms. Flora Ng
Master, Chi Sun College