The College comprises young, energetic souls and it is natural that a productive learning environment is one that is also fun, vibrant and connected. Social activities, interest groups and workshops all add colour and flavour to College life, and bring residents from different backgrounds together. From festive parties to sports and from meditation to programming classes, these activities are almost entirely student-run, and exhibit the creativity and livelihood that is quintessential to the Chi Sun style.

We encourage all ChiSunners to take an active part in the community here at the College; over the years, many students have pitched projects, clubs and events to their tutors, which have in turn become longstanding and popular initiatives here at the College.

If you would like to start something new at the College, you too can take the lead and contribute new ideas to our already vibrant College community. Simply complete our Student Initiative Proposal form at Proposals will not be accepted after October 22, 2023 until Term 2.

You may also discuss with your floor tutor before submitting the form if you have any questions regarding the viability, logistics, and necessary information required for organising an initiative here at the College.