Chi Sun College values the town-and-gown relationship highly, and recognises its inherent responsibility to make a positive impact on society. Therefore, community outreach is a much-emphasised part of College life. Social services and other activities help students develop a personal understanding of the human condition, and foster a sense of civic responsibility that complements their academic and professional endeavours.

“Service learning is an integral and enriching part of every student’s life at Chi Sun College. Through various community services students can gain deeper understanding of society, themselves, and their role in society. Chi Sun members will continue to further the educational and public purposes of the College by upholding their responsibility as global citizens.” – Dr Albert Ko, Former Deputy Master

Caring for the Elderly

For a variety of reasons ranging from war to poverty, many of the elderly people in our neighbourhood were deprived of the opportunity to receive an education. This led Chi Sun College to establish the Elder Academy, where students will join with our Tutorial Team to organise learning camps, field trips, talks, lab sessions and other activities for our senior neighbours that cover topics such as history, social issues, leisure travel, fashion, handicraft, music, movies, food and nutrition, health and hygiene.

The elderly are also regularly invited to basin meals organised by the College, where our students serve them food and eat with them while listening to their stories, thoughts and needs.

Training Students

Certain types of community work, such as service trips to rural areas, call for special skills from participants in order to ensure they will have a useful impact. Our Tutorial Team regularly organise training workshops so that students can acquire hard skills – woodwork for example – that might come in handy in the future.