The Pastoral Care Eco-System of Chi Sun College


Since its beginnings in 2012, Chi Sun College (CSC) has always aimed to nurture a community of freely enquiring minds.  Under the leadership of Ms. Flora Ng, the college has further consolidated its commitment to care and inclusivity in college life, across academic, social, cultural and personal dimensions. Central to actualizing and furthering these commitments in new ways are the members of CSC’s tutorial team.


Traditionally, our tutors remain responsible for seven key areas of student life: 

  1. Assisting students’ settlement, adjustment and transition to university life (in general) and college living (in particular), recognizing the unique needs of undergraduates, postgraduates, and students from diverse contexts of origin
  2. Supporting students’ mental and emotional wellness through active listening and facilitating access to professional help and resources (e.g., CEDARS, EOU, etc.)
  3. Responding to residents’ living concerns (e.g., inharmonious relationships with floor mates, managing disruptive noises during quiet hours, etc.)
  4. Encouraging students’ active involvement and leadership in college life activities
  5. Organizing floor meetings to introduce and maintain connections among floor mates, acting as a forum for collective discussion regarding floor-related matters
  6. Determining suitability among current and prospective residents for (re-) admission to CSC
  7. Liaising with college personnel (security, project assistant, other tutors, College Master, General Office) to ensure an overall positive and safe living environment for all

Since the 2022-23 academic year, CSC has implemented a change from a largely undifferentiated pastoral care system to a pastoral care eco-system characterized by functional clusters among tutorial team members.  This change aims at greater organization, visibility and transparency surrounding CSC programming, such that all residents (students, tutors and staff alike) can be made aware of the “who” and “what” of college life.  This new system acknowledges not only the depth of pastoral care experience within the CSC community, but also honours the diversity of strengths, interests and skillsets among its members.

The seven clusters for the 2023-24 academic year include:

  1. Sports & Physical Recreation (e.g. tennis, badminton, running)
  2. Arts and Culture (e.g. cooking, calligraphy, musical / theatrical performances)
  3. Student Development (e.g. the Postgraduate-Undergraduate Mentorship Programme – PUMP, academic writing and professional development consultation)
  4. College Health (e.g. Medical Outreach, pandemic-readiness and response)
  5. College Mental Health (e.g. Let’s Talk Series, Home Away from Home Series)
  6. Communal Events (e.g. High Table, Welcome Drinks and Alumni Homecoming)
  7. Publicity and Social Media (e.g. Instagram, raising awareness of college events)