The College firmly believes that university life should not be characterised merely by the acquisition of knowledge, but rather the thoughts and stimulation of novel ideas. Chi Sun is firmly committed to creating a scholarly and learned environment that is conducive to intellectual exchange, as well as providing ample opportunities for interdisciplinary and extra-curricular learning.

“Stay Young Dream Big”

While High Table may feature more established guests, the College readily recognises the importance of prominent young leaders and visionaries in their 20s and 30s. The “Stay Young Dream Big” Speaker Series proudly lines up a new generation of architects, chefs, designers, musicians, inventors, entrepreneurs and other young leaders. In a comfortable and engaging setting, they share with our residents their life stories and inspire them with their dreams and passions – all the while revealing new trends and exciting developments in the world.

“Why My Research Is More Interesting Than Yours”

What is better than showcasing your own talents, and having fun at the same time? “Why My Research Is More Interesting Than Yours” is academic presentation with a humorous twist, where our very own resident speakers are challenged with the impossible task of distilling years of research into a short few minutes. The audience generally rewards their efforts by enthusiastically pelting them with paper balls as a light-hearted sign of appreciation. But there is also always the possibility of facing some dreadfully tough questions, or unorthodox alternative approaches! These dynamic encounters have already borne fruit in terms of research collaborations and mentorships, and continue to be one of the most anticipated activities at the College.

The Global Citizen

The term “global citizenship” aptly reflects the importance of individual awareness towards world issues in our increasingly globalised living environment. The College draws on its culturally diverse population to share thoughts at the Global Issues Forum, where social-political developments and other sensitive topics are presented and discussed in an open, intense but mutually respectful manner.

Cultural Exploration

The College regularly organises tours and excursions to nearby sites of historical or cultural importance so our students can come together and take a first-hand look at the community in which we reside. Past visits include a local monasteries tour, a fisheries culture tour of Aberdeen, and a creative industries study trip to PMQ.