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Chi Sun Spotlight: Hike to Mount Davis – A locked gate, mating calls and a view of historical significance

The hike to Mount Davis, organized by Chi Sun’s Intercultural Initiatives was not a conventional one, and was interesting to say the least. Bear with us to see why. As the day began (it was 2.30pm), we set off, ignoring the morning rain and hoping the trail wouldn’t be too slippery. Fortunately the sun beamed […]

Chi Sun Spotlight: Interview with Dr. Kofi Yakpo

“Challenging the mainstream patterns of thinking” – an interview with Dr. Kofi Yakpo The arrival of Dr. Kofi Yakpo as our new Deputy Master earlier this year was a paramount addition to the continuous enrichment of diverse and exciting opportunities here at Chi Sun College. His accomplishments in the fields of linguistics and work for […]

Chi Sun Spotlight: A University Student’s Guide to Macau

By Alison Lam and Sarah Lau Asia is filled with numerous countries with distinct cultures that one can travel to and explore: Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand… the options are endless. However, unlike Europe, where you can take trains to nearby countries, or US, where road trips are popular, in Hong Kong, a plane journey is […]

Chi Sun Spotlight: Production Diary – JCSVIII women take on Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues

Chi Sun Spotlight Production Diary – JCSVIII women take on Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues Written by Nessa Wong, a Year four Accounting and Finance student and actress in the production If I have to be honest, all of us went into The Vagina Monologues (dubbed the ‘VM Project’ between us for convenience and subtlety’s […]

Chi Sun Spotlight: “Tech Talk Thursdays at Chi Sun College” with Elliot Leung

From an idea to a start-up, what is the journey like? What are the steps that you need to take to accomplish your dream? With an aim to inspire and guide the budding entrepreneurs amongst us, Chi Sun College held its first session of “Tech Talk Thursdays at Chi Sun College” for the spring semester, […]

Chi Sun Spotlight: Chi Sun Halloween Celebration

Orange-yellowish lights accompanied music in the background, banners saying ‘Happy Halloween!’ hung around the space, and pumpkins, skulls, and vampires decorated the room. This was the Halloween party organised by the student committee of Chi Sun College, which started at 8:30 p.m. in the 4th floor lobby. While the party lasted for some three hours […]